Saturday, May 9, 2015

its all about mangoes

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It's been a while crocodile.

Been very busy with school in work and I was not able to update this blog.

Had a lot of draft but having a hard time completing those.

Anyway, Skyway, Highway, Norway,there's no other way... I did it my...... wayyyyyy lolz.

Do you agree that we Filipinos are very adventurous and creative in eating and preparing dishes? I can say that I'm adventurous (but not all the time) and experiment new dishes in the kitchen if time permits me to hold a pan and a ladle.

Why do I ask this things?

A day before my birthday last year, me and my travel companions tried a popular dish with a twist in Guimaras Island. 

It's almost lunch time and we are still exploring the wonders of Guimaras when our tour guide reminded us that we need to eat our lunch. We asked him to take us to the most visited restaurant in Guimaras. It take us almost 5 minutes when we reached Pitstop. Pitstop is the only restuarant (as far as I know) that serve mango bulalo. Yep, that is correct! Mango infused in beef bulalo. It may sound weird but wait until you taste this dish. Imagine sipping a bulalo soup but instead of having a salty taste, its a little sweet with an aroma of a mango. The dish is 299 per bowl which is good for 4 person and you can ask the staff to refill the soup just in case to want to still want more soup.

Additional attraction was the mango pizza. For 489 pesos you can enjoy 14 inches of mango pizza. I heard that there is a pizza parlor in Manila that serve pizza with mangoes on top of it but just strips, unlike Pitstop's mango pizza, the whole mango meat will be the toppings of the crust with crushed cashew nuts and bell pepper.

Your Guimaras experience will never be complete without visiting and Pitstop.

Again, this is another...

Hope you enjoy my new Rixcovery ☺. Until next time *winx*


  1. wow! Sana matikman ko din yan mga foods na yan

    1. balik ka na ulit ng Pinas mommy Joy


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