Sunday, July 27, 2014

Island Adventure!

Time Check: 12:15pm

3 days after typhoon Glenda left the Philippine area of responsibility, my group was so excited to go to Zambales and experience the life in an Island.

Originally our plan last summer is to conquer Anawangin-Nagsasa-Capones Island this July however; we changed our plan and decided to go to Magalawa Island in Iba Zambales instead.

Kuya Mulo (the mysterious sort of like "Kuya" in PBB) was so reluctant to accommodate us in Ruiz Resort because according to him, the resort has not yet recovered from the last typhoon. I relayed the info to the group and they are still eager to go to Magalawa, so as soon as we logout from work we went to Victory Liner, Caloocan since they have a bus with a direct trip in Palauig near Radyo Veritas.

I fell asleep after we left Pampanga stopover. I believe we are in Zambales when I woke up. I'm a bit upset when I checked the window. The sky is dark and rain is still pouring. I have the feeling that it’s going to be a failure however, the gang is so positive. They are laughing while saying "just wait, this will not ruin our trip".

I took my phone and text kuya Mulo if there is a market near the island to buy the stuff we need. (supposed to be we will avail the 1.5k package that includes the accommodation, boat transfer, food, bamboo rafting and snorkeling, but kuya Mulo is hesitant offer the package after the typhoon. Kuya Mulo asked us to buy our own food and check the place first before we decide to stay). His wife ate Bing replied to me and she said we can ask the driver to drop us in Iba market to buy all the things we need.

Iba is so ibang-iba, chars! We decided to eat first before going to Puregold and the wet market to buy the stuff and the foods that we will share in our entire stay in the Island. I was so amused because a kilo of big squid is only 120 pesos and a kilo of Maya Maya is only 150 pesos compare to the retail price here in Manila. We only spend almost 900 pesos for our food and that includes rice and 2 sets of viand for dinner, breakfast and lunch. Very cheap!

We were told to ride a bus or a jeep going to Sta. Cruz  and ask the driver to drop us Palauig near radyo Veritas however, the tricycle drivers offered to drop us at port Luan for 450, it’s a good deal for us because the fare from Iba to Palauig is 27 pesos (for non-aricon) to 50 pesos (for aircon) per head and Tricycle from Palauig to Luan port is 100 pesos per head so I asked the gang to get their butts on the tric so we can start travelling. We need to go on a 20-30 minutes ride in a smooth to rough to a very rough road from Iba to Port Luan. Adventure isn't it? Lolz.

Haggard na face ko lolz
Kuya Mulo's staff are waiting for us at Luan port. As soon as we're stilling comfortably on the boat we headed to Ruiz Resort.

Like what I read in several blog sites about the place, the island was invaded by seaweeds but funny thing is, my companions doesn’t care about it too much.. What amuses them is how clear the water is since they can see what's underneath.

After we unpack our stuff Erin and I talked to ate Bing and gave her what we bought from the market and told her what to cook for the rest of our stay in the island. No time to wasted, as soon as we got back we wore our swimming gear and rushed to the sea.

The water is so clear that you can recognize not only the seaweeds but you can recognize the shells and the starfish. Yes starfish, a lot of them.

Of course like what we always do in most of the place we visited, after appreciating and enjoying the place we took a lot of souvenirs photos lolz.

The entire island doesn't have electricity but they have a generator operating the whole night enough to light the bulbs in the cottages and electric fans. I'm actually waiting for the generator to be turned on because I need to charge my phone and when I check my watch I'm kindda surprise. It’s nearly 7pm and the place is still bright.

This is how bright the island even if its near 7pm
Around 7:30pm our dinner was served, its Adobong pusit, well it seems that the viand is not enough for us because they really love how it was cooked plus it is fresh that is why they are complaining, They said that we should have bought 2 kilos lolz. While we are enjoying the food we are told that if we want to eat fresh seafood the fisherman are selling what they caught every morning in the shore. We want to check it out so that would be included in our "to do" things in that island.

After our drinking session we decided to call it a night since we are also tired and we want to see the sunrise.

Good Morning Magalawa Island!!!!

Lakas maka-series ng photo namin lolz
After buying 2 kilos of fresh squid (I told you we can get enough of the adobong pusit last night) and ask ate Bing to cook it for lunch we already prepare ourselves for bamboo rafting and snorkeling.

While we are on our way to the spot perfect to snorkel, we really can help but to appreciate what we saw below. Big coral reefs, school of fish with different sizes swimming underneath us.

Jeff was the first to dipped into the water and it seems that he is enjoying what he was doing so I followed him. This is my first time to snorkel even if I know how to swim I wore a life jacket since I have cramps.The scene is really different below; if you're a nature lover then I’m sure you will enjoy the corals, shy fishes, and the blue colored starfish. It was a fun and exciting experience.

We still have few more hours to stay in the island, my companions taught me how to make a loom bands hahaha. I made a fishtail and inverted fishtail band... Hmmm the band styles still match our trip, very underwater lolz.

I only have a few pics of the place in my phone, Most of the pics are grabbed from Kamae, Moe, Jeph, Ynoh and Erin... Thanks guys lolz

I hope I can still visit this paradise.

Magalawa Island is another place that was Rixcovered!!!!

For hilarious side of the story click the pic below:


 Hope you enjoy my new Rixcovery ☺. Until next time *winx*