Saturday, September 27, 2014

Lasema Experience

Time Check: 11:41am

With all the stress I had, I think pampering myself is not a crime.

Last two weeks I bought a voucher of Lasema Korean Spa in Metrodeal for 490 pesos.

It's somewhat 50% off of the original price. Package includes and hour massage, you can stay their in 12 hours (you can sleep their since there are sleeping caves available) and enjoy their jaccuzi, wet sauna, Jjimjilbang, and ice sauna.

sleeping caves

As per the voucher you need to call them 3 days before you avail of the promo so they can book a therapist who will give you a nice and smoothing massage.

I was so excited when I enter the spa however, I was shock when I enter the locker area. All guys are naked. I was a little confused why all of them are naked. Then I learned that for hygienic purposes they don't allow visitor to enter the jaccuzi with their underwear because their might be a residue of urine on the underwear.

locker number 49, and my bracelet

sorry I can take a picture of the Korean guys lolz

I have a relaxing experience while I'm inside the jacuzzi however, I need to cover my manhood Lolz. I'm not comfortable also walking around the area covering myself with a towel, well as for the other guest which are mostly Korean, they don't bother at all, they have a lot of this in their country so they are very used to this scenario hihihi so I decided to go to the Jjimjilbang and try the dry sauna. 

Before stepping in the dry sauna, I  signed up for a massage schedule. The dry sauna is like a big oven made of bricks and woods. I lay down on the floor and have my back feel the heat of the floor. It was so relaxing I even doze off.

The other sauna has pebbles on the floor. Although its a little uncomfortable, you can feel pressure on your back if you lay down since the floor is uneven because of the pebbles.

The other one is a charcoal sauna. The temperature inside is higher than the other 2. When I open the door, I know that I can't stand even a minute inside since the temperature is 60 to 70 degrees Celsius.

this is the charcoal sauna

this is where I dose off

this is the sauna room that has pebbles on the floor
Well, if you feel that you have enough of the warm sauna you can try their ice room. It's like a walk-in chiller.

I you feel bored, you can visit their mini library and read books. This is what I'm doing when the personnel called me because its time for my massage.

This is an hour "Hilot". Most of the therapist are female (which is a little disappointing. No offense to the female therapist, but I'm used to very hard pressure when it comes to massage).

ready for the massage ☺
If you want to relax, you can try this place as well. The good thing in this place is you don't need to rush. You can talk all you time since you have 12 hours to enjoy everything.

Lasema Jjimjilbang Spa is another place that was Rixcovered!!!!

Hope you enjoy my new Rixcovery ☺. Until next time *winx*