Saturday, August 8, 2015

Siquijor: The Mysterious Island

Time Check: 12:06pm

When I was young, I heard a lot of folk stories about Siquijor most of them are very spooky.

Since I experience the life in Guimaras, which seems to be far from the civilization, I wanted to check out places like this. A place where I can forget the stress of city life. I was trolling on the vacation post of my facebook friends and most of them went to common places. Well I want to go to somewhere different. Checking out more vacation post when I stumble upon a blogger friend's vacation post in Siquijor. I was mesmerized about the pictures I saw and then I decided that I should go to this place.

Last summer, after my short adventure in Dumaguete, me and my travelling pals visit the mysterious island. It took about 45 minutes ferry boat ride to reached Siquijor from Dumaguete and it's already past 7pm when we docked Siquijor's port. Before our trip in Siquijor, I already contacted the well known tour guide in Siquijor to help us look for accomodation. Kuya Joam, help us searched for a place to stay. Unfortunately Lorna's End of the World and JJ's backpacker is fully booked since its peak season when we visit the island.

We ended up booking in Chellesguesthouse and Backpackers (check out the place in facebook) for 2 nights. The place is nice and cozy but of course a little pricey unlike in backpaker lounge and inns. After paying our rooms, I talked to kuya Joam regarding our arrangement for tomorrow. He will pick us up at 7am and we will start our adventure in Siquijor.

It's our first day in Siquijor and we are very excited to explore the mysterious Island. Someone reminded us to always smile especially to locals. Well kinda spooky reminder but it will never hurt you when you share a smile.

First on the list is Capilay's Spring Park. This is an open to public park with out any entrance fee with a big swimming pool at the middle of the park. The water from the mountain runs straight from the pool that is why aside from it so clear its so cold as well. Awesome it is!

Then we went to the Old Enchanted Balete tree. This is where you can have a fish spa. The Balete tree in Baler, Aurora is bigger than the old Balete tree in Siquijor (based on my assumption) after checking out the tree, I sat on the fish spa area and dipped my foot. You don't need to pay an exact amount all you need to do is to give a donation.

Next on the list is the Old church in Lazi. After checking the interior of the church I bought candles. I always buy candles to light up whenever it's my first time in a particular church. 

After Lazi Old Church its time for a water adventure. Off we go to Cambugahay Falls. Cambugahay falls is a 3 layered falls where the main attraction lies on the main falls where you can do monkey swing then dive in the cold water ☺. I did this twice so cool.

Next on the list if the famous Salagdoong Beach. This is famous to those who are adventure seeker since the beach offers a 25 ft. and 30 ft jumping cliff for those who wanted do cliff diving. I have fear of heights and not a good swimmer but this is not an excuse for me not to try it. So here I go, geronimo!!!

Sorry for the oversize love handles haha

After the very tiring and energy draining activity we went to Lilibeth's Pan Bisaya so we could try the famous ensaymada. The bread is so good and tasty even without sugar. Don't forget to drop by when you visit Siquijor.

After making ourselves full we went to the Bakawan (mangrove) and check out the nice scenery since its low tide.

I'ts the end of out first day in Siquijor and it was a blast!

Next post will be the second part of our Siquijor Adventure.

Hope you enjoy my new Rixcovery ☺. Until next time *winx*