Saturday, November 15, 2014

Bbq all you can..

Time Check: 2:56pm

My travel buddies, Kamae and Basha was water baptized last Friday, as a celebration we decided to try Charaptor, a new restaurant in Kamagong, Makati (near Sampaloc).

Charaptor is a Barbecue-all-you-can restaurant. It has wide array for foods that you can grill. From squid balls, chicken balls, hotdogs, ham, longganisa, to fish, chicken, Korean chicken bbq, pork, beef, Korean beef bbq, potato, shitake mushroom, banana, chicken liver, isaw, squids and prawns that you can dip in a wide choices of Asian sauces.

You can enjoy Charaptor's barbecue buffet for 290 pesos for lunch (11am to 1pm) and 390 pesos for dinner (6pm to 11pm) including bottomless rice and iced tea.

Another place that was Rixcovered!!!!

Hope you enjoy my new Rixcovery ☺. Until next time *winx*


  1. Sarap!
    Saka hong cute nung ng name ng place :D

  2. wow! mukhang masarap. I need to tell my friends about this so we can check it out. thanks for this post

  3. makakapunta din ako dyan paguwi ko ng Pinas. Mukhang masasarap ang pagkain:)
    Have a nice week ahead Rix:)

    1. go mommy joy.

      masarap sya kasi pwede mo po imix and match ang mga niluto mo sa mga sauces na available

  4. Huwaw! Mukhang masarap dito ah. Meron kayang ibang branches ang Charaptor?

    1. Hi Ismael, as far as I know hindi pa sila nag bbranch out.


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