Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Food Lab

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Its been awhile since I update this page.

Well I became busy in school and in work and their are lot of things that I've been doing lately.

Anyway, do you think it's cool to eat a colored burger? Well as far as I know black burger was an attraction in Japan. But do you know that here in the Philippines aside from the black burger there is blue, green, yellow and pink burger (very power rangers lolz).

Last year a burger house was open in Sangangdaan in Caloocan that caters colored burger ( I'm not sure of the name and where it is actually located). I'm planning to go there and try them until I had my internship in Tipas, Taguig. There is a burger house similar to what the burger house in Caloocan is offering. I said this is the chance for me to try the colored burger however, since  I'm juggling my schedule in school, thesis and work sad to say that I was not able to fulfill my plan.

Few month later I found out that there is a burger house 30 minutes away from us that caters colored burger too. This is it!

2 weeks ago me and my new food buddy tried the burger in "The Food Lab". The Food Lab is located at Zone 6, Signal Village, Taguig. The burger house is a small self service restaurant that can accommodate less than 50 customers. The place is neat and the ambiance is nice (for me). The food is cheap but delicious (again for me).

 The combination of burger and fries only cost 90-95 pesos while the combination of burger and pasta is 120-150 pesos while the frappe cost 55-80 pesos depending on what frappe you want to drink.

You cannot choose the color of your burger because it will be randomly made when you order. I tried their Hawaiian burger while my eating buddy tried the burger with ham and egg. I guess its easier for me to compare the burger in The Food Lab to Burger King's Jr. Whooper burger. The size is just the same however, for me, the burger patties are thicker than the Jr. Whoopers. Aside from the vegies, pattie and the dressing you the burger also includes melted cheese and whatever it is that you want (eg: I had pineapples on my burger since I ordered for Hawaiian and my eating buddy had ham and egg in his burger aside from the burger patties).

If your a burger lover this is one burger experience that you should try and this is another place that I

Hope you enjoy my new Rixcovery ☺. Until next time *winx*


  1. Oh wow pink and green! :D reminds me of patrick the starfish and plankton :P

    You're right, the price range is cheaper than others. But i think i'll not go for colored buns. I'm afraid of colorings :/



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